All of these things I'd love to make; Now, I've just got to find the time . . .

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A quilt and a menu board

It never fails, almost evertime I get online I stumble onto something that I just have to make.
The problem is I have more ambition than time :/
So, here you will find a chronicle of all the crafts, tutorials, etc... that I'm gonna make . . . one of these days.

I've never made a quilt (other than a t. shirt quilt) and I never had much desire to until I found the hexie quilt. I love it! the colors all gorgeous, it just makes me want to wrap up in it and read a good book. Perhaps this will be my winter project . . . perhaps.

I found this menu board a couple weeks ago, I love the idea of being so organized that I fill out a cute little menu board each week. I've actually been wanting to make a menu board/chart of some kind and even went through a few failed attempts this summer. I've had an old cookie sheet laying around for awhile and I plan to give this menu board a try in the next couple weeks.

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