All of these things I'd love to make; Now, I've just got to find the time . . .

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Lanterns & Pumpkin cupcakes with Maple Frosting

Fall is finally here! We've had the air off for almost a week and are enjoying the fresh fall air through our open windows.

I feel it is only fitting to start featuring some fun Halloween crafts and treats for the rest of October.

I love these because they (appear) simply to make and yet look so fun and cute!

While I'm not a big pumpkin pie fan I do enjoy pumpkin treats with a subtle pumpkin flavor (which I'm hoping these have) and I love the taste of maple :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pallet Bed & Cloth Baby Rings

As soon as I saw this pallet bed this summer I announced to N that when E needed a "big boy bed" I would be making him one. And I still plan to do just that. This has got to be the coolest bed I've seen in a long time!

And now, for a project I could actually make right now for E to use, cloth baby rings!
As E is currently in a teething/everything I touch must go in my mouth stage these should be right up his alley.

Name Block & Pretty Pleated Flower

The minute I saw the Name Block Tutorial I knew I needed one for the shelves in the living room Of course, I have yet to make one - mainly because I don't have any blocks the right size and I can't cut a straight line to save my life. Oh well, one day I'll venture out the home depot or the habitat rehab store and *hopefully* come back with some wood pieces fit for this project.

I started making all sorts of flowers earlier this summer so I'm always on the lookout for different types of flowers to try. This Pretty Pleated Flower looks similar enough to some of the other ones I've made that it shouldn't be too hard to make yet it's also unique enough to look new to my fabric flower collection. :)

Yellow Car Game & Felt Clock

I found this clever car game awhile back and immediately bookmarked it.
This is another one of those, "when E gets a bit older I'm going to make that" projects.

The second project I love falls into the same, "when E gets older" category.
It's a cute little felt clock designed to help kids learn how to tell time - such a great idea!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fire Pit and Sippy Cup Leash

The first project I found, Portable Fire Pit, is amazing!
Who would have thought that you could make such an amazing item so affordable?
I think the trickiest part will be finding an affordable metal planter that's the right size. I know that now is the perfect time of year to find them on sale so I'm going to have to make a concentrated effort to find one within the next few weeks.

Next we've got a super-cool sippy cup leash.
While N is not old enough yet for a sippy cup I betting that within the next 6 months or so I'll be whipping out a couple of these bad boys.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A quilt and a menu board

It never fails, almost evertime I get online I stumble onto something that I just have to make.
The problem is I have more ambition than time :/
So, here you will find a chronicle of all the crafts, tutorials, etc... that I'm gonna make . . . one of these days.

I've never made a quilt (other than a t. shirt quilt) and I never had much desire to until I found the hexie quilt. I love it! the colors all gorgeous, it just makes me want to wrap up in it and read a good book. Perhaps this will be my winter project . . . perhaps.

I found this menu board a couple weeks ago, I love the idea of being so organized that I fill out a cute little menu board each week. I've actually been wanting to make a menu board/chart of some kind and even went through a few failed attempts this summer. I've had an old cookie sheet laying around for awhile and I plan to give this menu board a try in the next couple weeks.